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Lilac Lover

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always have the urge to change your hair each season. I’m just never satisfied and I normally always revert back to blonde in some shape or form, but this year I’ve been taken back by the product range from brand, Bleach London http://bleachlondon.co.uk/. With an array of products dedicated to fighting brassy blondes and illuminating the fairest of hairs. They love to experiment and along with care, they have products to add colour and create amazing looks outside the box! I honestly don’t know what I did without them.

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Being blonde and a bleach blonde in particular, you have to watch out for unwanted bad brassy tones, there has to be nothing worse than getting under direct light and realising you look like you’re hair has smoked 40 cigarettes a day for 2 years! Well never fear, Bleach London have some amazing little remedies and care packages for the health of your blonde locks.

Firstly, take note of the amazing toner. Not like other toners, it’s more like a permanent colour as you have to mix two elements together and apply to your hair, leaving for about 20 minutes, but the results are amazing, it literally strips out any badness and the restorative conditioning mask is the best I’ve used.

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Secondly, the amazing creation that is purple (Silver) shampoo, just got so much better! It’s the same theory but somehow so much better than anything else I have tried. You’ve got the option to leave it on for up to 15 minutes and it just makes your hair look loved and cherished! I couldn’t rate it higher. They’ve also just released a Rose shampoo and conditioner which leaves you with a little pinky tint, it’s next on my list!


So with all these amazing products, what’s next? Well if you’re like me I’m sure you do still have to re-bleach every now and again, just to keep it new! For the last few months, I’ve kept my roots dark and just bleached my ends, this time I took it slightly higher, just above my ear, it’s summer after all! After washing off the bleach, I topped up with this amazing little find from Feria, a £5 wonder product that takes cool to a new level.

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It’s a lilac conditioner that you use as a substitute for your normal after shampoo go to and it clings to hair that’s just been bleached leaving your hair a lovely lilacy tint. I’m in love! It’s subtle enough that you can get away with it for work and bold enough that you can play around with it at the weekend. I have to say I think I’ll always use this product. Not only does it add the lilac tones, but it also does what the Purple Shampoo does, so even a few months after bleaching, you can still use it to illuminate even the dullest blonde, I’m totally sold!

All blondes or anyone who dares for some rainbow colour should get themselves to Boots and release the hair dresser in you! Next, it’s going to have to be the Rose shampoo from Bleach London. Get ready…


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    Remie Lund


    2014.07.13 at 17:54

    UGH!! I LOVE silver shampoo! It works wonders. I need the lilac one in my life! 🙂 x

      Elle Reece


      2014.07.14 at 15:00

      It’s the best one I have ever used and the Lilac Pastel Conditioner from Feria is so good and so much fun!!! x

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