/ 12.08.2014

Goodbye Genie

When waking up this morning I, like most of us was shocked to learn of the death of one of the worlds most touching, talented and gentle comedians of our time, Robin Williams.

I first discovered Robin Williams at the age of 6 when watching the Disney animated classic Aladdin, ‘Group hug, kiss the monkey…fur ball!’ I loved Genie, he was my favorite character and still is and yes…I still no all the words to all the songs!

Next was the second children’s classic, Hook, dapper and daring as grown up Peter Pan and oh how I wanted to be Julie Robert’s punky Tinkerbell!

After the standard awkward teenage stage we all inevitably run into with our eyes shut, I rediscovered Williams (thanks to my mother in a plea to bring me back down to earth and watch something half decent and not another teen movie!) in The Birdcage, now one of my favorite films. A classic tale of a gay couple who own a gay club in Miami Beach, Williams’ is front of house and his partner Nathan Lane or Albert Goldman is the drag act everyone flocks to see. A stunning performance from all involved, including Gene Hackman who plays straight laced Senator Kelly.

Aside from the comedy, Williams was actually a very talented character. In his early days, Williams was one of 20 students accepted into the prestigious acting school Juilliard at Freshman level and was then one of two who progressed into their advance program. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Good Morning Vietnam and eventually his talent elevated him into the Oscar Winning crowd when he took his golden statue home for Good Will Hunting.

Williams had a talent to evoke emotion in us all, be it happiness or sorrow and his talent was dipped perfectly in pathos that his audiences adored. Needless to say we have lost a talented and great man, but he will not be forgotten.

Goodbye Genie x

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