/ 19.10.2014

Digital Dating for Snobs

Digital dating has taken off in the last decade and there’s no two ways about it, we live in a world of assisted dating. Now you are just a click away from titillating someone’s fancy with the swipe of a screen and bingo! you’ve got a date, or a shag as that appears what Tinder is for. Whatever way you look at it, the 21st Century is all about hooking up through your phone, let’s not approach the argument of what ever happened to just getting out there and meeting someone, because there’s something much more important to talk about.

The 18 to 30 something group, longing for love and hoping that the perfect person will cross our path’s one morning on the tube, outside the delicatessen on your lunch or at dinner, over a cocktail, but I guess for some of us, the thrill is now in the swipe of your phone. Yet to my horror and hopefully to everyone else’s, this digital dating world has opened up a totally unacceptable arm of snobbery and segregation I didn’t think existed in this entity.

Luxy – the new way to digitally date, with a very specific tag line…you must beautiful and you must be rich. Yes, you read that right, a dating app that you can only get on if your rich and beautiful, well you can get onto if you’re ‘not’ but you’ll get thrown off pretty quickly. It’s claimed that every day they are actually removing people that aren’t rich or beautiful enough. Pick that apart as you will. The new app is quite obviously controversial, but more importantly, a support of those who still believe you should only be suited to people like you, i.e the rich marry the rich, the poor stick together and the ugly stay hidden away out of sight so not to offend the beauties of our world in which we should be oh so lucky to even look upon them. And what is ugly, what’s beautiful? You may be 5 foot 8, brunette and have perfect skin, but that’s not everyone’s taste. What’s next, a dating app for white people only? Or a dating app where you can be removed if you weren’t educated privately?

This statement, released by the nameless (i.e cowardly) CEO, is rather distasteful to say the least “with the rise of high-speed digital dating, it’s about time somebody introduced a filter to weed out low-income prospects by neighbourhood.”

So let’s talk honestly, because I know some of you may be thinking, but what’s so bad about being specific about what you want? We all have our tastes, we all judge one another and we all have the perfect idea of who we’d like to end up with. Of course there are people out there you wouldn’t date, but surely you just don’t invite conversation or you politely turn down the offer of a drink. Luxy opens up a bigger argument and wider issue that says we’re ok with social segregation, that we’ll let wealth, possessions and earnings define who you can and can’t talk to, let alone date. It appears we really are living in a world where we are so openly persecuting people for not earning enough money and second to that we’re promoting the open discussion of earnings and measuring that as a factor to date someone! They should perhaps rename the app along the lines of Shallow or Snobbish.

There may be the argument that some ‘Luxy’ men have the dream of meeting an ambitious woman, a woman who wants to succeed, a woman who will work her way up the career ladder, a woman who has dreams of power, well of course, we all have specific traits and aspects we look for in a significant other, but this theory is ripped apart quickly when you learn, that that’s really a lame excuse because, a requirement for the men of Luxy is to chose from a minimum earning of £60,000 or less up to £1 Million +, women on the other hand, aren’t required to enter a minimum limit to hint at their earnings. Oh, right, so, you’re all looking for ambitious, tenacious women…please!!!

So really, what is next…exclusivity at cinemas? Anyone earning minimum wage or lower must sit on the floor and stare up at the screen, a crick in one’s neck is what you deserve. Or perhaps we can revisit the racist views and actions of 1960’s Mississippi and start exclusivity to bathrooms and make poor, white, and ethnic minorities, anyone that doesn’t really fit into the disdained ideals of the rich and beautiful or share the ideas of the elite and the fascist, will have to use the outside toilet?

Let’s not fotget, this is about how beautiful you are and how much money you make a year, these Luxy people are shallow after all, they probably don’t even know about real issue in life, just about where their private jet is flying next.  You may all be thinking I’m taking this too far, but we all know how things can escalate in the present day, I mean this type of prejudice just shouldn’t exist.

Money doesn’t breed sensibility and clearly it never will.

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