/ 04.07.2014

BANKS beauty


I suppose you’re starting to notice a trend here. Music, health, music, health. Soon to follow will be beauty and a smidge of fashion (there are lots of fashion bloggers out there and I’m not trying to compete for that crown, my wallet would cry for a start!) but for now I have one last post for this month about music. We’ve had two for the boys, The Weeknd and the one and only Prince, so now to join Lana is a new girl on the block, from America but often mistaken for one of us Brits, her name is BANKS, which is also her Instagram pseudonym – hernameisbanks, which makes for great images.

Any who, Jillian Banks is an American singer song writer from LA. She actually toured internationally with The Weekndin 2013 and has made big sounds in the music world already. Named as Artist to Watch by Fox Weekly, I strongly advise you take their advice. A little bit London Grammar, a little bit Lauryn Hill, her music is very distinctive…already.

The first song I heard was This Is What It Feels Like and it felt good. With a very low, enchanting voice her music almost echoes through you and I felt like I needed to listen to it in a dark room to really appreciate the depth of her lyrics or on a dreary day driving through a grey hilly landscape. All of her songs are beautifully written and the darkness you can hear is a reflection of her life lived in her parents divorce. It’s be written that she was unsure of who to talk to or even how to talk about it, hence why she’s filled every line of each of her songs with life and passion and it really is just oozing with emotion. But not that sappy, sad, pass me a tissue emotion. It’s tense, prickly and lonely emotion, but glossed in her incredible voice marrying perfectly together.

Her songs have almost become an obsession to me, my Spotify playlist of her EP’s and one off tracks honestly never gets boring or repetitive and it’s almost magnetic. Her lyrics stick in my mind but not all day like when you get an ear worm of a song lodge in your brain, it’s more like an imprint, something permanent in a good way like a relationship that works. In that sense I guess you could say she connects with her fans through her music and her music means more to her than just vanity.

There is a realness in her lyrics, she talks of her troubled childhood and the rockiness she lived through, not knowing how to feel and scared of feeling something new, but she also connects with you on a personal level because she talks about real life. There’s no fluffiness here, which is similar to The Weeknd in the sense that you don’t need to read between the lines with either of these musicians because they enjoy the rawness of their art. Her music is very honest and her influences such as Lauyrn Hill and Erykah Badu are evident in her songs. There is a vulnerability in the voice, but something tells me she’s through to the other side now.

She’s rising up, although she hates managing her own social media she wants to connect with her fans and I’d recommend you try and connect with her, just in time for the release of her first album, Goddess – September 5th 2014. You won’t be disappointed.

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